January 14th, 1995 :: episode #58

The End of the World

A Story: Panic ensues when townsfolk read aloud "world-famous cometographer Dr. Jack Lancaster's" prediction that very soon Stowe's comet will collide with earth, extinguishing all life.

Though Mike and Sully pooh-pooh the newspaper article as a hoax, the omens that the "good-scientist" predicted -- freak storms, hails of meteorites, red running water, living beings altering shape and color and volcanic-like eruptions where there are no volcanoes do start to occur, though sometimes they're rigged by Loren and Hank.

As what they perceive to be impending doom approaches, some townsfolk act characteristically, and some behave in completely surprising ways -- however, in the final hour, the townsfolk converge in the church and, in a testimony to the innate goodness of human nature (and our townsfolk, in which nobody's really all bad) everyone exchanges vows of friendship. Even Hank, who attends Horace in the clinic after an appendectomy, by doing so displays, in this, the "final hour," his well-buried "good side."

B Story: Mike learns to look at things from her children's point of view when they start acting out their fear about "the end" in disturbing ways. Mike's particularly abashed to learn that she hasn't been sufficiently empathetic in regards to Colleen. Mike and Sully fly a kite.