October 22nd, 1994 :: episode #48

The Library

"A" Story: Mike's mother sends a portion of Mike's deceased father's book collection by coach and Mike donates the books to the town for a public library. The town's enthusiastic, but trouble ensues when the Reverend, seeing Colleen reading "Faust," decides that this book and others like it pose a threat to the spiritual well-being of the townsfolk and should not be allowed in the library.

When the town, inflamed by hearsay and rhetoric, votes to close the library, Mike and Sully decide to reclaim her books, planning to store them in a spare room of the clinic and lend them privately. While doing so, a maddened crowd led by Jake and the Reverend takes over, seizing the crated books and setting fire to them. It's only when Mike shows one of the charred books, the Holy Bible, to the Reverend and his flock that the light is seen and sanity restored.

"B" Story: After reading Twain's "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calveras County," Brian decides to hold a high-stake frog-jumping contest of his own. After bringing his friend Charles into the scheme, the boys capture frogs, and, hoping to "get a jump" on the competition, attempt to train their frogs beforehand.

Unfortunately, when the frogs prove less than tractable, the boys decide to "feed 'em more so they'll get stronger," but sadly, it seems a well-fed frog is a lazy frog. The boys lose big, and Brian learns the lesson that you can't believe everything you read.

"C" Story: Sully discovers the poetry of Walt Whitman, and tries to convince Mike to sit and enjoy it with him, but her proper upbringing mixed with her fears of her strong feelings for Sully cause her to shy away from it. Sully tries to comfort her by saying she's getting ahead of herself in her fears. He compares courting to reading a book in a beautiful parallel, and by the end of the episode, Mike has come to grips with herself enough to enjoy Whitman's poetry within the comfort and love of Sully's arms.