April 29th, 1995 :: episode #67

Washita - part 1

A Story: Suspicious at Custer's return to Colorado Springs, Sully and Mike do some investigative work and learn that Custer is there to mount a final, decimating campaign against the Indians. Mike and Sully strive to ward off disaster, even attending Custer's dinner party in an attempt to reason with him.

Sadly, they learn too late the lay of Custer's heinous plan and are unable to avert the Indians' slaughter at the Washita River, arriving only in time to see the grisly aftermath and to rescue "Lives In Hopes," an Indian baby whom they find sheltered beneath the body of No Harm Comes to Him, the same way No Harm's mother saved him. Grace and Robert E take in the baby until a suitable home can be found for him.

B Story: While examining her patients on the reservation, Mike treats "No Harm Comes To Him," a valiant little Indian boy with a big spirit. As he's suffering from malnutrition, Mike offers to bring him home to treat him. Cloud Dancing agrees, and No Harm and Brian become fast friends. No Harm even teaches Brian to play the flute. When the time comes for the Indians to relocate, however, No Harm chooses to go with his people. Later, Brian must deal with his sadness when Sully brings him a small flute, his only legacy from No Harm, who's been slaughtered at the Washita River.

Mike and Sully find out about their wedding presents to each other early and have a little fun in the new homestead.