April 29th, 1995 :: episode #68

Washita - part 2

A Story: Brian, Sully and Mike must deal with the effects of the slaughter at Washita; Brian because he's lost his friend No Harm Comes to Him, Sully because his beloved Cheyenne are now gone, and Mike, the hardest hit, because she's lost her faith in human nature. Brian and Sully cope fairly well, but Mike sinks into a profound depression.

Concern for Mike extends to sympathetic townsfolk such as Dorothy, Grace and Robert E, but family and friends are helpless to comfort Mike; the journey to restore her faith both in mankind's inherent good nature and in her own ability to make a difference in the world must be made by her alone. Eventually, Mike's numb apathy gives way to sorrow, and she breaks down sobbing.

Instinctively knowing that acknowledgment of grief leads to its eventual healing, Mike's loved ones are relieved to have the Mike they know back in their midst, and surround her lovingly. At the story's end, Mike, renewed in her belief that she can make a difference, goes to Dorothy with her story of the Washita massacre, and Dorothy prints Mike's version of the massacre in her gazette.

Grace and Robert E decide to raise the Cheyenne baby brought back from the Washita massacre as their own, but their happiness is short-lived when Mike persuades them to let Cloud Dancing take the baby to a band of surviving Cheyenne in the north.