February 11th, 1995 :: episode #62

What is Love

The Reverend assigns a homework essay, to be entitled "What Is Love," in honor of Valentine's day. Brian, notepad in hand, decides that observing the activities of townsfolk will be the best way to determine the answer to this question.

Meanwhile, Dorothy excitedly tells Mike that, in honor of Valentine's Day, she's decided to mount a production of Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliet," and act as director. Colleen and best friend Becky try out for the play, but to Colleen's dismay, Becky gets the coveted role of Juliet.

Later, Dorothy's fears that Jake's feelings have changed about her since her mastectomy are confirmed and they part. To make matters worse for Dorothy, several cast members are afflicted with laryngitis, herself included. Dorothy, heartbroken, reluctantly decides to cancel the play, but Mike declares she'll supervise the production for Dorothy until she's well.

Meanwhile, Colleen, who's understudied Becky, will play Juliet, but to Mike's displeasure, she's a little too happy about it. Mike keeps the production afloat for Dorothy, Becky recovers and resumes her role and Colleen manages to be honestly gracious about it, and Loren, garbed in play attire, sweeps into the balcony of the clinic, (where Dorothy's been recuperating after a tiff with him about Jake), and "rescues" her, escorting her to the play with a flourish. Brian puts all the little acts of love he sees in his essay, and Sully presents Mike an engagement ring at the finale.