January 22nd, 1994 :: episode #31

Another Woman

Catherine, a beautiful blond woman captured by and raised with renegade Indians, is brought to Colorado Springs by soldiers when her tribe, which includes her husband, is wiped out, leaving her the sole survivor. She initially earns the townsfolks' sympathy, then their contempt when she rejects their gestures of kindness, doesn't know the language, and falls down into an epileptic fit. Indeed, her Indian name was "Shivering Deer" thanks to her grand mal epileptic seizures.

Mike takes her in, but the only members of the family she trusts and feels comfortable with, especially with her faltering English, are Sully, then Brian. Brian, however, becomes decidedly less enamored of her when he accidentally glimpses Catherine kissing Sully. Later, when Brian confronts Sully, he doesn't understand Sully's distinction between "being kissed" and "kissing someone," and troubled, tells Mike about it.

Meanwhile, Jake, in a conversation with Loren and Dorothy about what marauding Indians do to white women, declares that he'd "die protectin'" Miss Dorothy in the advent of Indian attack, whereas Loren condones women be "blowed up rather than be taken captive by Injuns." This prompts Dorothy to flirt with Jake, which prompts him to ask her out.

When the night for the fateful date occurs, however, Dorothy meets Jake, not to go to dinner with him but to tell him she doesn't want to go out with him because of the way he treated Catherine. (He was rude to her at church). Jake's very upset and reveals some of his back-story, which leads Dorothy to plant an impulsive kiss on him, kicking off a romantic triangle between he and Dorothy and Dorothy and Loren. Loren, who thought he'd had squatter's rights to Dorothy, is understandably jealous. This triangle is ongoing until further notice.

During a friendly chat, Catherine confesses her love of Sully to Mike. Mike confronts Sully about Catherine, but Sully turns the tables on Mike, asking why it is that Catherine is unaware of their courtship -- is Mike less demonstrative than she could be?

Later, when Catherine confides that she's afraid to go to her family in the east (whom Dorothy helped locate), Mike offers to let her stay with them. Catherine tells Sully about this, at which point Sully tells Catherine he's in love with Mike. Catherine's crushed, but understands, and deeply appreciates Mike's noble offer. Catherine leaves, but the damage is done -- there's a rift between Sully and Mike, to be cured during the next episode...