December 4th, 1993 :: episode #25

Best Friends

Colleen and Becky become best friends when, at Bray's store, Alice, another friend, insists on taking Colleen's favorite fabric to make a dress for the Sweethearts' dance. Dorothy fears she may be pregnant when she faints in the general store. Mike assures her she is not, but she is beginning the "change of life". Later, Mike is frustrated when she tries to teach Sully to dance the Sweethearts' reel. Mike confides to Dorothy her fears about a physical relationship and Dorothy guesses Mike is a virgin.

Meanwhile, Becky asks her new best friend, Colleen to ask Richard, a boy she likes, if he likes Becky. He asks Colleen if "the girl," (he thinks it's Colleen) will meet him at the kissing tree. Colleen misunderstands, thinks he knows it's Becky. She tells Becky where to meet him, but Becky chickens out and Colleen goes in her place, to explain. Richard, assuming Colleen is there to meet him, kisses her. Becky finds out and is heartbroken. Becky and Alice team up against Colleen and spread rumors about her.

Meanwhile, Sully visits Dorothy for dance lessons without telling Mike, which causes Mike to suspect something's going on between Dorothy and Sully. Later, Mike must perform emergency, albeit minor, surgery on Dorothy to staunch her hemorrhaging. There, Dorothy tells Mike she knows what she's thinking, and that it's silly. Sully's crazy about Mike. Mike's suspicions are partially allayed, but the question remains -- what was Sully doing in Dorothy's room?

It all gets sorted out when, at the Sweetheart's Dance, it's revealed that Miss Dorothy was merely teaching Sully to dance as a surprise for Mike. Becky and Colleen reunite when Richard shows up stag at the dance and kisses Alice, Becky and Colleen's nemesis.