February 5th, 1994 :: episode #33

Buffalo Soldiers

A troop of black cavalry soldiers ride into town intending to cover themselves in glory by eradicating hostile Dog Soldiers who've been attacking the railroad. Mike commits an act of civil disobedience by tipping off the Indians, which results in carnage on both sides and the defeat of the Buffalo soldiers. She's accused of treason, and jailed, but the arrogant black cavalry leader, Sergeant Zachary Carver, manages to exonerate her when he's made to realize, through the combined efforts of Sully and Mike, that his beloved troops are nothing more than pawns in the U.S. Army's policy of genocide against the Indians. Returning the favor, Mike manages to medically fake the Sargeant's death, and he escapes court martial.

Meanwhile, Colleen cheats on a test and by doing so manages to win a school trip to Washington. Mike must then explain the concept of "good lying;" that is, civil disobedience for a principle, and "bad lying," that is, Colleen's self-serving actions regarding the test. In the end, Colleen confesses her transgression to Miss Dorothy, her instructor, and forfeits the trip, earning her the respect and admiration of Mike, Brian, Matthew and Sully.