November 27th, 1993 :: episode #24

Giving Thanks

Mike and Sully have trouble adjusting to the new status of their relationship, "courtin'". Sully introduces Mike to his world, taking her into the woods, showing her how to track and hunt. Mike pressures Sully into coming to a town meeting, where tempers flare over the scarcity of water. Later, Sully takes Mike to his home, a simple lean-to, and she wonders how they can make a life together when they're so different.

Horace's attempts to divine for water fail, and Hank decides its time to pull up stakes and take Myra with him. Robert E and Grace also consider leaving. Mike and Sully persuade Cloud Dancing to share his methods for water conservation and farming with the town, only to be rebuffed by Loren and Jake. Loren and Jake take water from an Indian pond which Cloud Dancing warns is poisonous, but they sell the water to the townsfolk anyway. Everyone gets sick from the contaminated water and Dr. Mike must treat them.

Afterward, the town pulls together to create a Thanksgiving feast. Sully arrives with Cloud Dancing, the Indians, and food for all. During the dinner with the town and the Indians, Hank returns, and, later, it begins to rain. Everyone rejoices and Sully and Mike reaffirm their commitment in the rain.