April 9th, 1994 :: episode #37

Just One Lullaby

When the Reverend brings his ex-sweetheart, Louise Chambers, to town to teach school, she's at first enthusiastically embraced by Mike and the townsfolk. Mike, especially, befriends the young woman. Soon, however, the schoolchildren and especially Mike's own son, Brian, begin to manifest signs of abuse. It is then that Mike takes action, soliciting the "Yeahs" and confronting the "Nays" of the townsfolk who are both for and against a ban on corporal punishment. A town council meeting is called. Interestingly, when Loren, an advocate of corporal punishment, looks to Jake for support at the meeting, Jake quietly leaves; later he reveals he was beaten by his mother as a child. Mike's proposed ban is defeated.

Later, Louise gets a taste of her own medicine when one of the children she's been caning turns on her and bloodies her nose, breaks her ribs and otherwise roughs her up. The Reverend comes to comfort her, and they discuss children (he's proposed marriage, and she's accepted) -- he wants them, she doesn't. The Reverend rescinds his proposal, and Louise leaves town.