May 21st, 1994 :: episode #42

Return Engagement - part 1

While chatting with Mike about Indian medicine, Cloud Dancing prophesies that Sully and Mike will be separated, for instance, by an illness. Mike is skeptical. Later, a "stranger" rides into town -- a naturalist named Andrew Strauss. He employs Sully as his guide. Mike sees something faintly familiar about him... Mike and Sully make friends with "Andrew."

In town, as Loren uncrates a velocipede (early bicycle), and the family decides to buy it for Sully. When Mike and the kids present the bicycle to Sully, their fun is interrupted by Cloud Dancing, who's come to tell Sully that he's going off to mourn his son Walks on Cloud's death, with no promise of ever returning. Later, Andrew, Mike and Sully are to go out on a naturalist expedition, but Sully doesn't show. Mike thinks he's being "elusive" again. She and Andrew go out by themselves. Sully catches up with them, his face tight. Later, it's Andrew who tells Mike that Sully's afflicted with migraines. She's suitably impressed with his diagnostic prowess, but it rings a bell...

Mike and Sully decide to do an Indian "sweat lodge" to treat Sully's headaches. In Sully's vision, Cloud Dancing comes to him, showing that Mike will "drift away" unless Sully takes action. The vision over, Sully calls to Mike, telling her he doesn't want her to ever leave, that he needed to "be" with her, then asks her to marry him. She accepts and they share a very passionate kiss.