May 21st, 1994 :: episode #43

Return Engagement - part 2

The children are ecstatic that Mike and Sully are engaged. Mike and Sully ask them to keep it quiet; they don't want to overshadow Horace and Myra's wedding, which is a great success with even Hank showing up to confer his blessing. Unfortunately, at the reception, Horace, a little drunk from spiked punch, lets the cat out of the bag that Sully and Mike are engaged. (Mike had sent a telegram to her mother regarding impending nuptials.) It's only when "Andrew Strauss" makes a suspiciously familiar toast that Mike recognizes him as her presumed dead former fiance, throwing she and Sully's future into turmoil.

The children and townsfolk are also thrown into turmoil by these events. David, who'd been intending to leave incognito, tells as much to Mike, but Mike encourages him to stay so that she may sort out her feelings. Mike and David spend time together -- going on Mike's rounds, etc. Naturally, Sully's not pleased with this arrangement.

Meanwhile, the Cooper kids are cool to David when he shows up for dinner, and, adding spice to the brew, Sully shows up and David and they tussle. Later, when things cool off, Sully advises the kids to give David a chance, earning Mike's respect. Later still, Sully tells Mike he loves her enough to let her go if her happiness lies with David rather than himself. This liberates Mike to choose the right man -- Sully -- with whom to share her life, and she sends David off. The episode ends with Mike confessing her feelings for Sully, and he turns the tables on her, making her propose to him.