December 11th, 1993 :: episode #26

Sully's Choice

Mike is called away to Soda Springs to help with an outbreak of influenza and Sully promises to stay with the children. Sully plays "Mr. Mom" but the kids grow restless. While out exploring caves with Brian, Sully is shot trying to intervene between the Indians and the cavalry.

When the smoke clears, Brian can't locate Sully and goes to town for help. The Reverend helps the kids hide Sully, who now has a bounty on his head. They take Sully to the cave for safety. Colleen enlists the Reverend's help to bring supplies from the clinic, but he is spotted by Hank and Jake, who are out for the bounty. They knock Hank out and tie him up, but when Colleen is forced to remove the bullet, she must employ Jake's assistance to save Sully's life.

When finally they ride back into town, the Cavalry tries to arrest Sully for blowing up the railroad, but the townsfolk provide Sully with an alibi preventing his arrest.