April 30th, 1994 :: episode #38

The Abduction - part 1

Mike makes an unannounced supply detelegraph to the reservation with two Army soldiers, surprising some renegade Dog Soldiers. When the Dog Soldiers shoot the Army men, Mike is drawn into unwilling complicity by Sully and Cloud Dancing, who fear retaliation from the army on the innocent Cheyenne.

Custer confronts Mike about his missing men. She denies seeing them. The next day the widow of one of the soldiers confronts Mike about her dead husband. Has she seen him? Mike lies, but feels guilty; she vows if asked again, she'll tell the truth. Sully warns that if she does, the Army will come back and wipe out everyone at the reservation. Custer confronts Mike again about the missing men, and she admits she lied. Mike and Sully go to the reservation to warn the Indians. During the mass exodus, Cloud Dancing's son Walks on Cloud accuses Mike and/or Sully of betraying the Indians, then joins the Dog Soldiers. Mike confesses to Cloud Dancing and Walks on Cloud that it was she who told Custer about the cavalrymen.

Later, in the night, Sully confronts a Cheyenne war party. He realizes they're going to attack the town, and heads in to warn Mike. At that moment, the Indians attack the town with burning arrows. The town, realizing the Army can no longer protect them, puts up barricades. Anti-Indian feeling is running high. Later, Mike realizes that one of her patients is stranded outside town with a broken leg. She and Sully go to rescue her. Mike and Sully arrive at the patient's cabin, but she's already been evacuated. Dog Soldiers ambush the couple and abduct Mike. Sully screams to her that he'll find her.