April 30th, 1994 :: episode #39

The Abduction - part 2

Sully and Matthew ride into town; sound the alarm that Mike's been abducted. Custer refuses to help in the hunt until daylight. Sully takes off looking for her. Custer brings in thirty of the Indians from the reservation, including women, children, elders, and Cloud Dancing. Meanwhile, Sully tracks Mike and finds her, but the Indians retain their hold on her. Walks on Cloud shouts to Sully to go back and tell Custer to let his father and his village free. (Sully had no idea they were prisoners.) Sully returns to town, and Custer tells him that unless Mike's returned safely, he'll begin executing the Indians as soon as a gallows can be constructed. They continue to be constructed in the background as the episode plays out.

In camp, One Eye decides he wants Mike in the biblical sense, but Walks on Cloud intercedes, trading his necklace for her. He sets her loose, telling her she's the only one who can save his father and the reservation people, but he's shot for letting her escape, and she's recaptured. Fortunately, Sully's close. In the woods, Sully rescues Mike and they escape with the Indians in close pursuit. Mike awakens in her underclothes on a soft bed of pine boughs and calls to Sully. He comes to her and assures her she's safe. Upon learning that the Dog Soldiers didn't "hurt" her, Sully's relief overwhelms him and he and Mike share a very passionate kiss. Later, in the woods, the Indians close in on Mike and Sully. They leap off a cliff into the river; risking their very lives but escaping the Dog Soldiers, and coming back in town at the 11th hour, just in time to take the noose from around Cloud Dancing's neck. Mike tells Cloud Dancing of Walks on Cloud's noble death and gives him the necklace he exchanged for her.

Meanwhile, Brian discovers and falls in love with an adorable horse which Hank wins in a poker game, only to mistreat. Brian tells the family he wants a horse for his birthday. Matthew tries to buy it, and after it's wounded, Matthew strikes a deal with Hank that Brian can work to buy the horse from Hank. Hank goes back on his promise when he "sells" the horse in a poker game, but Loren convinces Hank to stick to his word. Later, at the homestead, after Mike and Sully are back home, the family tries to cheer a disheartened Brian as he plays pin the tail on the donkey. As he's blindfolded, Hank rides up and delivers the horse, and Brian, in his jubilation, names her "Taffy," due to her love of candy.

The episode ends with a cute exchange between Mike and Sully, where Mike thanks Sully for saving her life, to which he responds by kissing her and saying, "We couldn't miss a birthday, now could we?"