May 7th, 1994 :: episode #40

The Campaign

At an unruly town meeting, the citizens of Colorado Springs decide they need a Mayor. Loren nominates Jake and Horace nominates Mike. The Reverend says there's nothing about women being forbidden to run in the town's charter. Sully and Matthew are against Mike's running, but she's got Brian, Colleen, Grace and Dorothy's support -- Dorothy even offers to be her campaign manager. Loren is Jake's campaign manager. While Mike campaigns at the sewing circle, the local prostitutes indulge in a little democracy of their own when they band together to refuse to service a John notorious for cutting up whores. Unfortunately, Hank pooh-poohs the ban and sends Myra over to "Dandy John," whom she manages to give the slip to by getting drunk. Dandy John finally collars Myra and cuts her up. Sully rescues her, but when he takes her to the clinic, Mike's not there; she's out campaigning. Fortunately, Mike arrives in the nick of time.

Terribly disturbed by not being there when Myra needed her, Mike tries to bow out, but the children proudly tell her about the votes they've collected for her, and she discovers that they and especially Myra want her to stay in the race. Jake and Loren indulge in dirty smear tactics when they print a nasty leaflet about Mike and Sully. Later, Mike shows the pamphlet to Sully, who instead of comforting her, laughs and asks her what she expected. She stomps off, angry at the lack of support.

Sully, in a gesture of support for Mike, deeds all the women in town a small piece of land, making them eligible to vote. Seeing all the women at the polls makes Jake and Loren nervous. Running scared, Loren and Jake strike a deal with Dorothy and Mike; both sides compromise; Jake's willing, if he wins, to let all the women in town vote, while Jake extracts, with Dorothy's help, the promise from Mike that if she wins, she won't close the saloon to "drinkin' or entertainin'." Myra is disappointed, but understands. Mike loses, and Hank calls for a round of drinks. But the disappointment from Mike's loss compels Myra to declare her freedom to Hank. He threatens her, but she stands firm -- she'll be a whore no longer. She rips her contract apart. Jake keeps his promise -- women are given the vote, whether they own property or not.