May 14th, 1994 :: episode #41

The Man in the Moon

Hank the whoremaster, outraged at Myra's defection from his employment, causes a brouhaha at Myra's engagement party which backfires on him when Sully, in self-defense, throws a log and hits him in the head, sending him into a coma. At first, Hank seems alright after the blow to his head, although he does seem to be more insulting than usual and in fact offends everyone in his path. Soon, however, he slips into what looks like an irreversible coma, but not before Mike, finally reacting to his insults, gives him a verbal dressing down to remember, and not before he's rejected by all of the townsfolk at Grace's. Later, Hank's so called "friends" party down in the saloon, and Myra seems to be the only person in town who cares about Hank's recovery.

When Mike declares Hank "hopeless," Myra acts, entering church and dressing down the congregation: "... God loves all his children. Not just the good ones." The congregation, chastised, hastens to make amends with Hank each in their own way; everyone, that is but Mike.

Meanwhile, Grandma Quinn sends Brian a telescope and book, but neglects to send a present to Colleen. Brian and Colleen fight over the telescope, breaking it. That night, after she arbitrates a truce between Colleen and Brian, she expresses her self-doubts to Sully, who comforts her. Next, Horace, who'd tangled with Myra over her support of Hank, practices his marriage proposal to Myra on Mike. He then forgives Hank. This extraordinary gesture moves Mike, and after a conversation with Brian, in which a lovely metaphor paralleling Hank to the Man on the Moon is spun, Mike bares her heart to the comatose Hank. It is the force of her love which finally brings Hank out of the coma and back to the world of the living. The end of the episode has a beautiful soliloquy by Mike.