Season One Season Two Season Three

Pilot Episode
The Healing
Bad Water
Running Ghost


Where the Heart Is
Giving Thanks
Best Friends NEW!
Sully's Choice
Another Woman
The Abduction
Return Engagement
Season Four Season Five Season Six

Mothers and Daughters
One Touch of Nature NEW!
Deal with the Devil
Fear Itself
When a Child is Born


Runaway Train NEW!
Last Dance
The Tempest NEW!
Season of Miracles NEW!
Farewell Appearance NEW!
The Most Fatal Disease NEW!
Colleen's Paper NEW!
A House Divided
The Body Electric NEW!
Before the Dawn NEW!
Moment of Truth

Reason to Believe
All That Matters
A Place Called Home
Safe Passage
Point Blank
Seeds of Doubt
To Have and to Hold
A New Beginning


Some scripts here are not the final script that was used in filming the show.
Some dialogue or scenes may be different than what was actually seen on TV.



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